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 Deadly Creatures PAL Wii

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PostSubject: Deadly Creatures PAL Wii   Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:38 pm

Deadly Creatures PAL Wii
It is a unique simulator of the life of insects and arachnids, dangerous and poisonous! The choice you are offered two of the most merciless killers of the animal world - poisonous, adroit and nimble and poisonous tarantula, an armored scorpion and powerful. Credibility of the game.

You confront deadly enemies - spiders «Black Widow», lizards, snakes, rats, wasps, and, of course, the most cunning predators - people. Roles of people - Dangerous Hunt - voiced Hollywood star Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper! You will have to fight for their lives in the vast spaces of hot desert, in the dark thickets of shrubs, where death lies behind each corner of the labyrinth of thorns, and the environment created by man - for example, at an abandoned gas station on the roadside. Unique Wii management provides an opportunity to feel lethal creation - to track down their enemies and attack at the opportune moment, because in nature the strongest will survive!

Product Features:
• Live life tarantula or a scorpion!
• Borites for survival, using unique techniques - the opponents basket web, burrow and attack from the ground
• Specials and combo attacks - for example, blow zhalom - using kinetic administration Wii
• Walk through the hot desert and the human built immediately with plenty of other predators - rats, osami, spiders, lizards, snakes and human beings
• Family story from the life of insects and warm -
• predator-people voiced Hollywood stars Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part01.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part02.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part03.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part04.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part05.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part06.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part07.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part08.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part09.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part10.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part11.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part12.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part13.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part14.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part15.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part16.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part17.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part18.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part19.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part20.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part21.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part22.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part23.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part24.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part25.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part26.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part27.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part28.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part29.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part30.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part31.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part32.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part33.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part34.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part35.rar MAL-DeadCreatPALMULTI_5Wii.part36.rar
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Deadly Creatures PAL Wii
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